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A passion for traveling and experiencing the outdoors was developed by spending my childhood cultivating my soul on top of the peaks, in the National Forests and Wilderness areas surrounding Missoula, MT. Realization that these experiences, places and culture are unique to our country, expanded a patriotic sense and led me to volunteer in the United States Marine Corps infantry. Returning home, after being tested through 3 separate combat tours in the Iraqi conflict, bolstered my confidence that the outdoors renews the health to a beaten and battered soul. However, capturing the beautiful scenes of the Lords creation in my own personal memories became an activity of a lonely past, un shared with the people of a nation I swore an oath to protect. Encouragement from the many influencers related to my journey, specifically the woman I’ll refer to as my “Juliet”, pushed me to begin rendering these spiritually directed scenic moments through the lens of a photographic medium. Allowing me to share the beauty of the World with others. Translating the emotional experiences, as perceived through my eyes, onto the walls of families, private buyers and businesses alike. Reminding those who contemplate upon my prints of the magnificence of,

“the LAND that we call our Country”

and that the power to protect our way of life lays within the concept of,

“by the people for the people”,

kindling the internal spark of the definition of a Patriot:

“One who loves his or her COUNTRY and supports its natural authority and interests.”

– Benjamin Ryan Powell


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