Mother, Creator, Treasure Hunter and Story Teller

I’m a mother to…3 boys, a stepdaughter and 2 hounds! And in my spare time I enjoy Treasure Hunting, designing and creating.

 I don’t  have “A”  job. I prefer the pleasure of waking up every morning, asking what needs to be done today. Your probably asking “what does that mean?”


I started working at the age of 14, went to college for a short time,  only to realize it wasn’t for me. I was interested in way to many things. Having to decide on one profession and being committed to it for a majority of my life, honestly gave me anxiety. I found that I preferred to seek opportunities that allowed me learn new skills and work with individuals with diverse backgrounds and who were expertise in their fields. Then taking what I had learned and applying my own ideas and concepts.

When I’m not creating or cultivating new ideas – you will find me exploring the outdoors; seeking solitude and silence. Finding a place where I can hear my own heartbeat,  clearing my mind of the unnecessary. Allowing myself to re-focus on my own life’s purpose. Some may find solitude scary, but really it can be a beautiful thing.

I believe it’s  a necessity- for our souls!

You may of stumbled across this page by accident. However if you’ve made it this far- was it really an accident?

I hope that you’ll join us on our Journey.  Exploring Nature, Life and Love as One! Creating Memories, Sharing our stories, tips and tricks. Hoping that we’ll Inspire others to do the same.

Remember this life is yours. You can choose to work it away, or live it away. What will you choose?