When browsing through Benjamin Powell Photography’s images, you will observe that they are separated into two parent categories, Open and Limited. The Following is the information regarding the collections and print styles.


The Open Collection contains the landscape images that have no cap on the amount of prints that can be introduced into the economy. These scenic prints are most commonly used in businesses, commercial spaces and medical facilities, adding an inviting touch of nature to an unusually cold environment. These prints are also the most affordable allowing the images to be bought and installed in bulk. If you are a commercial space, we have worked with many businesses regarding design layout, placement and image choice. Please contact us to schedule a walk through as well as to obtain a bulk price discount.

The landscape, nature and scenic images contained within the open collection are offered on a single style of print classified commonly as commercial and found within the shop as an “Urban” style choice. (Scroll down to “Print Styles” to learn more about this style of print) If you are interested in purchasing one of these pieces offered in the open collection as a different style please contact our team with your inquiries.

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The Limited Collection contains the Fine Art images that are capped at 50 prints. This means that only 50 prints of a landscape, nature or scenic image will ever be introduced into circulation. When purchasing a Limited Edition you will receive a hand signed print numbered 1-50 accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. As the consumer you may request a certain edition and we will do our best to fulfill that request as long as that edition number is available and you are aware of our pricing matrix. Regarding the matrix, when a limited edition is printed and sold, we start at edition 50/50 working our way towards 1/50, with each 10 sold and the progression towards the more desirable pieces the price increases. Once a piece is sold out the Proofs will be removed from the galleries and displayed as “Sold Out” on the web page.  For a piece to be considered for limited edition status it must first undergo a panel of judges who have been hand selected from across the nation to determine its eligibility. Once a piece has been determined worthy it will be released as a limited edition to the public.  Limited Edition Fine Art photographs will be offered in three different styles of prints, “Industrial”, “Aluminum” and “Acrylic”. These are defined in the Print Styles Section located below.


Due to the unusual crop ratios of the panoramas it is easiest to contact a sales representative to discuss the purchase of these prints. The quality is such on these pieces that you can bring the nature and scenery into your space like no other and print whole wall murals at nearly any length you desire.

Print Styles

Once the decision has been made on the editions that you desire to implement into the character of your business or home, some follow up considerations, regarding the styles of prints, require your attention.


The commercial or “Urban Style” is the most affordable of styles and is a great addition to any business or home due to the overall cost, durability and ease of maintenance. The image is first printed on a semi gloss photographic paper, then a protective laminate is applied to the surface. Once its quality has been inspected, the print is then mounted to a black 6mm rigid sentra board and the holes are cut for the mounting hardware. Stainless steel mono mounts are used to float the finished print off the wall by 1.375 in. giving it a very modern feel that accentuates the piece appropriately. Mounting hardware and instructions are included with the print or you can request our professional team comes and insures your piece is installed correctly.



Acquiring your desired piece of Benjamin Powell art in this style will leave your guests jaws agape and be the topic of conversation of your dinner parties for years to come. The Aluminum print is like looking at an HD tv when they were first released to market. The image is printed directly to an .125 of an inch high gloss aluminum sheeting. It has a recessed rear aluminum frame to maintain the stability of the piece yet give it a free floating feel and look that stands off the wall by 1.375 in.



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If you are looking for the finest display to hang one of your pieces in, look no further. Standing in front of this piece you will have an experience as though you were next to Benjamin Powell himself as he composed this magnificent scenery. We begin with printing the image on a high quality metallic photographic paper, which in itself is a difficult task to duplicate. Once the print is approved it is carefully adhered to a piece of museum grade Acrylic then backed by a dibond material. All pieces are then sealed, the edges are polished and the hanging cleats are attached to the print, once again, floating the image off the wall. The combination of metallic paper and museum grade acrylic gives the image a surreal 3d quality that appears to be back lit. The depth, saturation and grade of this style is second to none and comes as the most recommended style from collectors around the globe.